Get Ready to Glow: Doctors Unveil the Hottest Aesthetic Trends for 2024

From the latest innovations to the most sought-after requests, discover what should be on your radar this year and get a head start on your 2024 beauty game.
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Written by Samantha Stone
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As we anticipate the biggest aesthetic trends of 2024, one undeniable certainty emerges: a surge in the number of people opting for aesthetic procedures surpasses any previous year. In fact, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) reported in their latest global survey an 11% increase year over year, with almost 25 million procedures performed worldwide in 2023.

So, what aesthetic trends should be on our radar this year? We reached out to the AEDIT provider network to get the insider scoop on what’s to come in 2024. Here, we’re sharing the latest innovations the experts are using along with the most common requests they’re getting.

AEDIT’s Aesthetic Trend Predictions For 2024

Natural, Subtle Enhancements

If you’ve spent any time on TikTok over the past few months, you’re probably familiar with the #cleangirlaesthetic — the latest beauty trend of looking effortlessly chic. It’s characterized by slicked back hair, a “makeup-free” face, and a simple yet polished outfit. The idea is to look naturally beautiful as if you put in zero effort. So, overly large breasts and overfilled faces that scream plastic surgery are not in keeping with the ‘clean girl aesthetic’ and are officially ‘out.’

Board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon in New York City, Dr. Mahmood, MD, confirms this TikTok trend has already made its way to her office. Most of Dr. Mahmood’s patients are requesting to have smaller, more natural looking implants or solely using their own breast tissue to do a breast lift and skipping the implants all together. And, the same approach applies to the face. Dr. Mahmood says “patients want their face to be balanced and they want subtle adjustments that still look and feel like themselves.”

Smoother, Cellulite-Free Skin

Even though a natural aesthetic is ‘in,’ cellulite, which affects 80 to 90 percent of women, is considered ‘out.’ With the introduction of Aveli, a minimally-invasive device that reduces the appearance of cellulite, more and more people are investing in a perfectly smooth behind.

“It is unique among cellulite treatments in that it allows targeted incision and release of each individual septa causing a dimple,” says board certified Head & Neck Surgeon and fellowship trained Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. William A. Kennedy, MD. “Although, unlike other techniques that use single-use thermal mechanism of septa release such as Cellulaze, Aveli does not promote collagen production and is a simple release of tethering causing a dimple.”

While there have been previous treatments for cellulite in the past, Dr. Mahmood says they were generally not entirely effective or they were fairly involved to perform. Aveli, on the other hand, has shown dramatic results with minimal downtime and only one treatment.

Integration of Exosomes

Exosomes aren’t exactly new — they’ve been popular in the hair loss space for a while, but Dr. Angela Lamb, MD, a board certified dermatologist in New York City says they have steadily been gaining traction within skincare. The nanoparticles stimulate collagen production and have regenerative properties, which can help with aging and pigmentation issues. It’s most effective when used in conjunction with another treatment, like resurfacing lasers or microblading, so they can penetrate the skin and get to work. That being said, there are at-home exosome treatments that can work topically. Dr. Lamb recommends the Angela Caglia Cell Forte Serum and the DP Derm Exo-Skin Exosome Therapy.

AI-Driven Insights

We’ve really seen artificial intelligence (AI) take off over the past year with lifelike TikTok filters and ChatGPT. With Mintel’s 2024 Global Beauty Report, we’re anticipating AI to infiltrate the beauty industry with even more virtual try-on’s and algorithm-recommended insights based on personal preferences. AI works by feeding data sets of information into computers to “teach” the computer program how to function. AI models are not static but fluid and they continue to grow, learn and improve over time as more data is input. The beauty industry can benefit from these powerful programs as they grow and develop human-like knowledge; and in the case of the beauty industry: develop the human-like knowledge of a plastic surgeon, One such program is the AI Plastic Surgeon, an iOS app developed by AEDIT, pending full release in Spring 2024. The AI Plastic Surgeon measures a person’s unique facial characteristics and creates a highly precise and individualized cosmetic evaluation. The AI Plastic Surgeon then employs the AEDITOR tool which enables users to ‘try on’ popular cosmetics procedures — like Botox, lip filler, rhinoplasty, and more. The results generated are truly achievable and reflect the user's unique features and produce results that are truly possible. As brands collect more and more data, Dr. Lamb expects that AI tools will help patients make more informed purchasing decisions and ultimately improve satisfaction.

Mind-Body Connections

Since COVID, mental health awareness has become a hot topic, especially among Gen Z. As mental health is becoming more of a priority, it’s spilling over into all aspects of life, skincare included. According to Mintel, 70 percent of US consumers are willing to pay more for beauty products with mood-boosting qualities.

“We know the external conditions of stressors on our skin but there is also a strong yet complex interplay between the dermis and our overall physiological state of well being,” Dr. Ava Shamban, MD, a board certified dermatologist in Santa Monica, CA shares with us. “We see hormone levels, sebum production and other functions of reactivity as endogenous variables so reducing stress, increasing quality sleep, relaxation and positively impacting our mental health can absolutely have a positive impact on our skin health, cellular aging and glow!”

Some of Dr. Shamban’s favorite beauty treatments with mood-boosting qualities include a Co2 Lift Mask, scalp massage and hair masque, hot oil treatment, and skincare with calming ingredients, like calendula, chamomile and aloe vera.

Weight Loss Shots — Without the Aftereffects

At first it seemed like only celebrities were using Ozempic and other weight loss medications, but with a recent report of 9 million prescriptions in just three months, it’s become apparent it’s everywhere.

“Semaglutide such as ozempic and Wegovy are taking the country by storm as they are highly effective weight loss treatments that produce immediate results. The rapid weight loss, with average ranges over 20 lbs over a few months, can have secondary effects of generalized wasting appearance in areas such as your face, the so-called ‘ozempic face,’” says Dr. Kennedy. “For optimal results, this loss of facial volume and increased skin laxity is best treated with thermal collagen production treatments, fillers and for extreme cases of skin laxity, mini-facelifts.”

Minimalistic Skincare

Another takeaway from Mintel’s Gloal Beauty Report was that shoppers are being more selective with their beauty purchases. The report predicts that consumers will shift away from an extensive skincare routine to a more minimalist approach, prioritizing high-end, reliable essentials.

Dr. Lamb is seeing this first-hand with her patients asking about at-home gadgets, like Solawave and other red lights, more than they ever did. “They want ease and efficacy as well as a device that they can have long term. While you certainly can purchase serums, you constantly have to keep refilling. These gadgets are one-time investments that patients can use long term without having to worry about maintenance,” Dr. Lamb says.

The Takeaway

It’s a new year, and it’s a new us — smarter, happier, and “au naturale.” This is the year where we work smarter, not harder. We’re taking advantage of new innovations like AI, exosomes, and Aveli to save time and get long-lasting results. We’re also ditching all of the fuss and adopting a ‘less is more’ mantra. From now on, it’s fewer products with more meaningful results and energy-boosting qualities. And, we’ll be doing all of this to feel like our natural selves, inside and out!

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SAMANTHA STONEis a contributing writer for AEDIT.

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