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Facial rejuvenation. Sounds like a lot of heavy lifting, right? It is, but there are a number of surgical techniques and cosmetic procedures to improve facial skin laxity.

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The Skinny

The American Academy of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reports over 120,000 facelifts were performed in 2018. Facelift procedures are popular for a reason. We all age, so we all experience loose skin, the formation of natural creases, sagging connective tissues, loss of tone in underlying muscles, and decreased skin elasticity. The slow decline of tight, toned youthful skin is a universal bummer (check out our complete guide to Facial Skin Laxity Concerns). Fortunately, a plastic surgeon can produce natural looking results with a facelift surgery or a non invasive cosmetic procedure. Some candidates may combine their facelift with a brow lift, neck lift, or other cosmetic surgery to further enhance the facelift results.


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The Specifics

Who may consider procedures to firm and lift their facial skin?

The clock turns, gravity pulls, and skin sags. It happens to everyone as the skin's natural structural proteins break down and stop being produced regularly. Elastin and collagen are the best friends of tight, toned skin. Produced by fibroblasts found in the middle skin layer (the dermis), they provide the lattice structure the body builds its tissues around. In addition to this, sun exposure, skin damage, stress, sleep position, and significant weight loss can also speed up and contribute to skin laxity.

The Anatomy of Aging Skin Aging Skin vs Younger Skin Cross Section Illustration

What can you expect from facial skin firming and lifting procedures?

Procedures to tighten and tone skin typically involve stimulating the body’s natural healing processes, production of collagen and elastin, and restoring structural integrity. Depending on your unique concern, a surgical or non surgical procedure can be beneficial.

  • Surgical Facial Lifting & Firming Procedures: The classic facelift. They’re popular for a reason. The results are significant, lasting, and noticeable. Keep in mind though, the recovery will be significant-a few weeks of downtime for years of results though isn’t a bad trade off.
  • Non-Surgical Lifting & Firming Procedures: For those desiring results with less side effects and recovery, a noninvasive procedure can produce noticeable results. Thread Lift, Ultherapy, Laser Skin Resurfacing, and Microneedling are all possible interventions.

When should you consider a facial skin firming and lifting procedure?

When it comes to the skin, the effects of aging, gravity, daily use, and damage are cumulative. Therefore, it can be beneficial to pursue a facial tightening procedure in the earlier stages of decreased tone and tightness. Candidates should of course be in generally good health, have realistic expectations of the procedure, and be ready for some recovery time.

Why should you consider a facial skin firming and lifting procedure?

Let’s keep it real. Why pursue a procedure to tighten, tone, and rejuvenate your skin restoring your youthful beauty? Um, why not?

Facelifts for Sagging Facial Skin

Facelift surgeries — they are a classic for a reason. Both surgical and non-surgical facelift procedures can significantly alter underlying muscle, fat, and skin tissue to literally reverse the hands of time. It’s magic!

Laser Skin Resurfacing for Sagging Facial Skin

Pew-pew! That’s the sound of lasers dissolving damaged skin and stimulating collagen and elastin production. Ablative is damaging. Fractional is targeted. Non fractional is a free-for-all (meaning more broadly targeted therapy).

Ablative Laser Skin Resurfacing

Non-Ablative Laser Skin Resurfacing

Non-Surgical Skin Tightening for Sagging Skin

These minimally invasive procedures stimulate the body’s natural healing and restoration systems to rejuvenate the skin.

Thread Lift for Sagging Facial Skin

To put it very simply, the insertion of threads (read: sutures) encourages the body to sew your facial skin into a tighter, more toned position.

Microneedling for Facial Skin Laxity

Microneedling isn't exactly an audition for a horror movie, but it does involve needles precisely placed within the skin to encourage the body to make more structural skin proteins.

The Takeaway

Facial tissue gets a lot of attention, and it should. We all experience decreased skin elasticity, sagging skin, and the tired appearance of our accumulated years. The youthful contours created by tight, toned skin are flattering, forgiving, and fantastic. A plastic surgeon can create significant natural looking results with a classic facelift surgery or any number of less invasive options.

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