AEDIT's Approach to Content Integrity

At AEDIT, our mission is to empower individuals at every stage of their aesthetic journey. Inspired by users, informed by physicians, and powered by breakthrough technology, we deliver unbiased, relevant, and informative content in a manner that is both educational and engaging.

We know it is difficult to find credible aesthetics, beauty, health, and wellness information you can trust and understand, which is why we are transparent about how we source, create, and verify the material you see on our pages. The safety and education of our readers is our number one priority.

As the premier technology-driven platform delivering innovative, self-service solutions tailored to medical aesthetics, we present complex, evidence-based content in a carefully curated and streamlined way that empowers users to own their aesthetic journey — from discovery to recovery.

Meet our Editorial Team

Our Process

Our medical experts and editorial team seek out and report on the most relevant clinical, beauty, health, and wellness news with the highest journalistic standards to create content that is factual, unbiased, and easy to understand.

AEDIT's Experts & Writers

AEDIT has assembled a team of professional writers, clinicians, and thought leaders to report on and deliver the highest quality information in the most engaging formats. Our in-house and affiliated community of experts includes:

  • AEDIT Medical Review Board & Provider Network: Leading board certified doctors and surgeons in the aesthetics field, who medically review and/or provide expert commentary for our Concern & Solution Database and editorial content. Learn more about the AEDIT Medical Review Board.
  • Editorial Team & Writers: Trained journalists, subject matter experts, and medical providers who are at the forefront of the aesthetics, beauty, health, and wellness industries. Learn more about our Editoiral Team.

AEDIT’s Content Review System

In order to ensure relevance and accuracy, our content undergoes the following review process:

  • Concern & Solution Database: Prior to publishing, AEDIT’s thorough concern, solution, and procedure guides are medically reviewed and vetted by a member of our esteemed Medical Review Board or Provider Network for accuracy.
  • The AEDITION: The editorial content on The AEDITION is born out of the expertise of our writers, Provider Network, and trusted experts. The information is fact-checked and edited by the trained journalists in our in-house editorial department and/or medical professionals to ensure the highest quality writing and reporting.

Given the constant innovation and advancements in the aesthetics and beauty fields, we regularly audit and update our content to ensure it remains as relevant and accurate as possible. Both our Concern & Solution Database and AEDITION articles are reviewed at least once a year — though changes in care standards, new clinical recommendations, drug and device approvals or recalls, and other news may lead to more frequent revision. We list both the original publish date and most recent update on all article pages for your easy reference.

If you have questions or comments about the accuracy, readability, or relevancy of our content, please let us know by visiting this page.

Our Citations & Sources

AEDIT maintains meticulous standards for sourcing and citations. We accept data and findings from the following sources to complement the content found in both our Concern & Solution Database and AEDITION articles:

  • Peer-reviewed studies and clinical trials
  • Medical associations
  • Academic and government institutions

We are weary of bias (financial or otherwise) in reports commissioned by companies or parties with a vested interest in the outcome and seldom cite such information.

As it relates to our editorial content, we place a great value on the expert opinion of our AEDIT Advisory Board, Medical Review Board, Provider Network, and other trusted professionals. You will regularly find quotes and insights from these individuals in our AEDITION articles.

Additionally, we believe anecdotal evidence presented from a patient's perspective can be a useful tool for better understanding how a procedure, product, tool, or practice will impact you. As such, we incorporate vetted, first-person accounts into our editorial coverage.

It goes without saying, but the content we provide at AEDIT is never meant to replace a consultation with a qualified medical professional. The articles, images, and videos found on these pages are for informational purposes only, and it is important to always seek advice, diagnosis, and treatment from a board certified physician. Reliance on any of the content created by the AEDIT team, AEDIT Advisory Board, Medical Review Board, and Provider Network is at your discretion.

AEDIT’s Style

Because we know how difficult it is to not only find a source you can trust but also one you can easily understand, we share our expertise in a way that is clear, concise, and easy to digest — whether you are a beauty insider in search of the latest and greatest or a newcomer learning about a procedure or topic for the very first time.

Informed by the Associated Press (AP) Stylebook, AEDIT believes that presenting medical and evidence-based information in a direct, honest, and compelling way is paramount to earning your trust and empowering you throughout your aesthetic journey.

Your Role as an AEDITOR

We strive to deliver the highest quality information and experience for our users, but we welcome your feedback on how we can continue to improve. If you have questions or comments about the accuracy, readability, or relevancy of our content, please let us know by visiting this page.

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