Do Skin-Firming Creams Actually Work?

You’ve seen them online, wondered about the results, but haven’t tried them – yet. Here’s what you should know about skin-firming creams.
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Written by Vivien Moon
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Do Skin-Firming Creams Actually Work? Photo by Wagner Santos on Unsplash

Whether you go by before and after photos, online reviews, or recommendations from friends, getting an honest opinion about a product is a crucial part of the decision-making process. In a nutshell, trust is essential – especially when products promise to deliver results that rival in-office procedures. In recent years, body-focused creams have been the buzziest product on the market promising to address crepiness, cellulite, stretch marks, and a plethora of other concerns (that are completely normal) so it’s no wonder that there have been skeptics debunking these claims.

However, if the skin-firming creams utilize the same ingredients as our favorite face-focused products that address crepiness, loss of laxity, and firmness, shouldn’t they also work? Here’s what you should know.

What Skin-Firming Creams Can And Can’t Do

Firming creams can provide just that, a taught appearance by moisturizing and nourishing the skin with good-for-you ingredients. Similar to skincare products, they won’t work the same for all and results vary but the aim is to address collagen and elastin production as it slows down with age. “Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was your booty, right? To rebuild skin elasticity, it can take up to 56 days,” explains Jessie Reder, the VP of Product Development and Regulatory for MAËLYS. She notes that it’s possible for products to help improve the appearance of certain skin concerns as “technology has unlocked all kinds of powerhouse ingredients that communicate directly with our skin.”

“You see, our skin loses elasticity but gains in volume over time, and if you don’t have any ingredients that support your collagen, that’s when you start to see a saggy or droopy look,” explains Reder. The goal of these products is not to transform but rather to give the skin the ingredients it needs to rebuild and strengthen which can manifest as radiant, taught skin. With MAËLYS products, the ingredients are the stars, adds Reder. “They protect the skin from environmental aggressors, bring strength-building treats like amino acids, calm it before it has a meltdown, and encourage collagen to snap back in place.”

Now it’s also valid to note that creams these creams can’t compete with in-office procedures like QWO, EmSculpt, or truSculpt but can be a bonus add-on. Sonage co-founder, Anisha Khanna notes that certain products that utilize proven ingredients and have been clinically tested can be paired with these non-invasive procedures. “Our Jolie Body Contour Crème is a complementary addition to an -in-office treatment (such as radiofrequency or Emsculpt) to help keep the skin well moisturized, firm, and even-toned.” It’s an affordable option for those looking for modest improvements or “those who aren’t ready for an in-office treatment, or can’t readily access a medispa.” After all, even in-office procedures require time for results to be visible, so it’s important to remember that with these creams as well.

How To Find The Right Skin-Firming Cream For You

Searching for a product you can trust is like dating, not every one will be a fit and only time will tell whether it’s working or not. Here’s what you should know about adding skin-firming creams to your routine.

Check The Label:: Potent ingredients and their delivery system are the backbones of skin-firming creams. “We work with active ingredients that were tested in specific areas of the body,” explains Reder. “Then we clinically test the product on the specific area of the body – so in arms, we look at loose, crepey skin, and the circumference of the upper arm.” It may seem that all skin is created equal but it’s not with various areas requiring a methodic approach. Do Your Research: The same way we’d do research on an injectable treatment or a cosmetic procedure, we should be doing for the products we put on our bodies. If a brand is worth its salt, the proof will be there. “Brands that are serious about results will prove it with a clinical study, a self-perception study, or both,” explains Reder. We know that brands often blur the lines with their data so Reder notes that “high-performance ingredients and rigorous testing do come at a cost, so if you’re looking at a prestige brand with a higher price point, make sure that it is because they substantiate their results.” Additionally, she recommends seeing checking reviews from others who have tried the products themselves. “My favorite part about our community is when they share their before and after pictures. This is authentic content from people who are so excited to share their success stories.” Use As Instructed: “Proper application is essential for maximum results,” explains Khanna. After all, you wouldn’t skip your SPF every day, so why would other creams that require daily use be any different? Some require daily use, others can benefit from twice a day and should be used accordngly. Khanna recommends massaging the cream into the skin. “Using the recommended self-massage technique can aid in lymphatic drainage and assist in optimum product application for maximum benefit.”
Set Your Expectations: It’s natural to hear the word ‘firming’ and immediately assume the results will rival those of in-office procedures but set your expectations accordingly. While Reder notes that results can be seen in a relatively short period of time, it’s not a guarantee. “We see clinical results at both 28 and 56-day marks, but everyone is different.”

The Takeaway

While we’d all love a miracle cream that has the transformative powers of hours in the gym and a clean diet, the reality is: that there’s no such thing. To put the onus on a single cream to instantly tone and tighten the dermis in a matter of days is unrealistic by any standards – even in-office procedures can’t always deliver those results. What skin-firming creams offer is a boost of potent ingredients targeted to nourish the skin and improve the appearance of crepiness, elasticity, and wrinkles. Though not all creams will provide drastic results, they can have other benefits Khanna adds.”These self-care rituals not only help the body but the mind, as well. Take a few minutes to care for your body with the same commitment to above-neck skincare.”

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