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Turtlenecks should keep your neck and lower face warm — not hide it from view. An undesirable neck and jaw appearance can be enhanced with the help of a board certified plastic surgeon.

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The Skinny

Ever heard of a turkey wattle? It’s a natural physical feature of turkeys, and it also refers to the sagging and loose skin that can occur with aging in the chin, jaw, and neck area. While the turkeys are probably not overly concerned about their wattle, we humans are not too keen on this bird-like aesthetic. Excess fat, loose skin, a double chin, prominent underlying muscles, and a poor jaw shape and size can all contribute to an undesirable neck and jaw appearance (learn more in our complete guide to Neck & Jawline Definition Concerns). Fortunately, a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon can utilize one of numerous non-surgical or surgical techniques to ensure your features are ideal for you.


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The Specifics

Who may consider procedures for neck and jawline definition?

Let’s take a quick anatomy refresher. The jaw and neck area is defined from the mandible (lower jaw bone) to the clavicles (collar bones). The shape and size of the lower jaw is determined at birth. The overlying soft tissue, the fat pads in the chin and neck, and the musculature of the neck all contribute to the overall appearance of the jawline and neck. The sternocleidomastoid muscle and the trapezius muscle will give definition to the neck, as will an individual’s body weight and body fat levels. As we age everything falls apart-let’s be a little more specific below:

  • Jaw Shape & Size: Typically the jaw shape and size is perceived in relation to the overall facial aesthetic, therefore, disproportionate or asymmetrical features may create the appearance of a poorly sized or shaped jaw.
  • Jowls: Jowls are a gift from Mother Nature and Father Time. Aging causes skin to lose tone and structure leading to a drooping and sagging appearance of the soft tissues in the chin/neck.
  • Aging Neck: A neck lacking the luster of youth will have loose skin and overly prominent musculature. The aging neck is a testament to the power of gravity.

What can you expect from a procedure for neck and jawline definition?

There are both surgical and non-surgical options to better define the neck and jawline. Depending on your unique concern, a plastic surgeon will determine which option is most appropriate for you.

  • Surgical Procedures: These procedures allow the surgeon to access bone, muscle, fat, and skin tissue such as in a Neck Lift or Liposuction. Jaw Implants can be placed within tissues to alter the appearance of the jawline.
  • Non-Surgical Procedures: These less invasive procedures such as skin tightening treatments, Botox, or Thread Lift can still significantly alter the jaw and neck appearance with less side effects.

Surgical procedures allow access to deeper tissues for more permanent and widespread alterations. They will, however, also require increased recovery time with more side effects. Non-surgical procedures are less invasive, but are typically temporary and require maintenance.

When should you consider a procedure for neck and jawline definition?

If we’re being totally honest, neither you nor your body, like being poked and prodded. With that in mind, a good candidate is one in generally good health who has ruled out underlying medical conditions, has realistic expectations, and can make some time for recovery.

Those whose concerns correlate to genetics or lifestyle may choose to pursue treatment when they have met the above criteria. If your concern relates to an ongoing battle with nature and time-the earlier the better.

Why should consider a procedure for neck and jawline definition?

If you plan to audition for a production of an Ancient Greek tragedy then you should consider a neck and jawline procedure so you have a better shot at getting the part. Alternatively, if you feel you would like to make some changes to the double helices of your DNA then by all means consult a plastic surgeon.

Jaw Augmentation Procedures

This surgical procedure can enhance and augment the appearance of the mandible (lower jaw) through the strategic placement of implants and neurotoxins.

Surgical Neck Lift Procedures

A neck lift (a.k.a. lower rhytidectomy) is used to correct and restore the soft tissues of the neck and/or alter the underlying musculature. This rejuvenation procedure is targeted to correct the effects of aging.

Non-Surgical Neck Lift Procedures

Non-surgical procedures utilize injectables, energy, and light therapy to alter the soft tissues (skin and fat) of the neck and jaw.

Thread Lift Procedures for Neck & Jaw

A thread lift is a minimally invasive technique that stimulates the body to produce new collagen and soft tissue in response to the insertion of a thread into the areas needing rejuvenation. The different approaches are outlined below:

Liposuction Procedures

Liposuction procedures can utilize a number of different techniques to remove excess and unwanted fat from the chin, jawline, and neck to define and refine appearance.

The Takeaway

Whether your concern is related to the natural aging process or caused by your genetic code, a board certified plastic surgeon can restore, rejuvenate, enhance, and define your neck and jaw. Loose skin, excess skin, underlying muscle, and excess fat deposits can be altered and refined through both surgical and non-surgical options.

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