Liposculpture is a variation of liposuction that creates the illusion of defined musculature.

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Minor Surgical Procedure




$1400 - $9500


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The Specifics

What is liposculpture?

Traditional liposuction procedures have the goal of removing as much adipose tissue as possible to reveal a slimmer body. Liposculpture differs from liposuction in that some fat is left in the treatment areas to create the illusion of defined muscles. This procedure is commonly performed on patients who are close to their ideal bodyweight but have some stubborn areas, typically on their stomach and chest, and desire a more contoured physique. Liposculpture is typically combined with fat grafting procedures to enhance results.

Depending on the individual patient, different methods of energy-assisted liposuction are used to obtain the desired result. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction or laser-assisted liposuction can help to create the appearance of chiseled abdominal muscles by melting away precise “cuts” in the fatty tissue.

If the patient is also undergoing fat transfer, a water jet-assisted liposuction procedure may be performed to collect enough tissue for grafting. The method of liposuction used during liposculpture is not as important as the skill and technique of the surgeon to know how much fat to keep or suction away for best results.

What cosmetic concerns does liposculpture treat?

  1. Abdominal Contour: Stubborn belly fat can be reduced and further sculpted with liposculpture.
  2. Arm Shape & Size: Liposculpture can improve the overall contour of the upper arm.
  3. Buttocks Shape & Size: Reducing stubborn fat cells can further contour the buttocks.
  4. Excess Body Fat: Targeted excess fat cell removal allows for body contouring, sculpting, and defining.
  5. Leg Shape & Size: Liposculpture can reduce fat accumulations in the upper thighs and create a more chiseled appearance.
  6. Gender Confirmation: Body contouring can be achieved through strategic lipo for a more authentic body aesthetic for both male to female (MTF) and female to male (FTM) patients.
  7. Mommy Makeover: Liposculpture can help restore the pre-baby body by removing collections of fat resistant to diet and exercise.

Who is the ideal candidate for a liposculpture procedure?

Ideal candidates for liposculpture are close to their ideal weight with an already well-toned body. Liposculpture is best suited for patients who want to reveal current muscle tone since the procedure aims to only remove precise lines of fat for more definition. Liposculpture is not recommended for patients with an unstable weight.

What is the average recovery associated with a liposculpture procedure?

Depending on the extent of the liposculpture procedure, some patients are able to return to normal activity 24 to 48 hours after the procedure. Residual swelling from a liposculpture procedure can last four to six weeks or longer with full effects expected six to 12 months postoperatively.

To better understand the healing and downtime associated with the procedure, check out our complete guide to liposuction recovery.

What are the potential side effects of a liposculpture procedure?

Following liposculpture, patients often experience some swelling, bruising, soreness, and tenderness in the treatment area.

What can someone expect from the results of a liposculpture procedure?

Immediate improvement is noticeable after a liposculpture procedure. Final results are determined after six months, with some patients experiencing continued improvement up to 12 months postoperatively. Results are long-lasting but may be affected by significant weight gain or loss, subsequent pregnancy, or childbirth.

What is the average cost of a liposculpture procedure?

A liposculpture procedure can cost anywhere from $1,400 to $9,500. The actual cost of liposculpture is dependent upon location, board certified plastic surgeon, and length and involvement of the plastic surgery. Learn more in our complete guide to the cost of liposuction.


  • Fast Healing
  • Defined Muscles
  • Minimal Scarring
  • Little Downtime


  • Not Suitable For Significant Fat Removal
  • Not Suitable For Significant Weight Loss

Invasiveness Score


Invasiveness is graded based on factors such as anesthesia practices, incisions, and recovery notes common to this procedure.

What to Expect

Liposculpture is a variation of liposuction that creates the illusion of defined musculature and is a popular procedure for both men and women. Here is a quick guide for what to expect before, during, and after a liposculpture procedure.

The Takeaway

Liposculpture a body contouring procedure that removes unwanted fat and creates the illusion of muscle definition.

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