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How much time do you spend considering the appearance of your belly button? If you’re reading this article, chances are at least some.

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The Skinny

We all obsess over the appearance of our abdominal muscles, but the belly button also has quite an impact on the overall appearance of the abdominal wall (check out our complete guide to Abdominal Contour Concerns). Did you know there is such a thing as belly button plastic surgery? Yes, a board certified plastic surgeon can perform an umbilicoplasty surgery or tummy tuck to enhance and correct the appearance of the belly button. Read on to learn more.

The Specifics

Who may consider belly button surgery?

Our belly buttons are scars from when your mother’s obstetrician cut the umbilical cord, which had been providing vital life blood in the womb to allow you to grow and ultimately live. That’s poetic, but unfortunately sometimes the belly button may end up looking a bit wonky. The belly button can also protrude or become misshapen from pregnancies or hernias. So basically men and women of any age may want to consider a belly button intervention.

What can you expect from belly button surgery?

When it comes to our belly buttons we have options. The umbilicus can be specifically addressed through an umbilicoplasty or the entire abdominal wall can be altered to flatten your belly button instead (we’re kind of kidding). These surgery procedures can also be used as part of a hernia repair.

  • Umbilicoplasty: A procedure specifically targeted to alter and enhance the belly button.
  • Tummy Tuck: A surgical procedure to remove excess soft tissue and contour the abdominal wall.

All of these techniques create permanent results, however, it is important to remember that weight changes (weight loss but, more typically, weight gain). For women specifically, pregnancy will also affect the results.

When should you consider belly button surgery?

The ideal time to consider a belly button surgery is when you are in good health, understand what you’re getting yourself into, and are ready to spend some time recovering on the couch. For those with genetic concerns, treatment can be pursued when you can check the above criteria. Mothers whose belly buttons changed during pregnancy, or those who have experienced a hernia should bear in mind that the procedures will be subject to weight changes and future pregnancies.

Why should you consider belly button surgery?

Why should you pursue a procedure to create the most aesthetically pleasing umbilicus ever seen? Here are a few possible reasons: to make people think your mom’s OB was probably also a plastic surgeon with how fantastic your belly button is, to look better in midriff baring clothing, or to restore your pre-baby abdominal wall appearance.

Umbilicoplasty for Belly Button Rejuvenation or Correction

Umbilicoplasty (a.k.a. belly button surgery) allows you to fix one of the first aesthetic problems you probably ever developed.

Tummy Tuck for Belly Button Rejuvenation or Correction

You can either fix the problem directly or you can alter everything around it so it no longer appears to be a problem. This is the latter.

The Takeaway

While most men and women probably don’t spend too much time fretting over the appearance of their navel, for those who do, a board certified plastic surgeon can help. Whether your belly button concerns origniated at birth or you acquired them later in life, an umbilicoplasty surgery or tummy tuck can create the most complementary and appealing belly button aesthetic. Your new navel is just a consultation away.

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