13 Skincare Resolutions The AEDIT Team Is Making For 2022

From sunscreen to preventative Botox, check out the skincare habits #TeamAEDIT is planning to adopt and the cosmetic procedures we’d like to try in the New Year.
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Written by The AEDITION Editors
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13 Skincare Resolutions The AEDIT Team Is Making For 2022Tim Mossholder/Unsplash

New Year’s resolution season is upon us. Here at AEDIT, we are dreaming up ways to improve our skincare routines and try new aesthetic treatments. From trying in-office procedures to doubling down on our at-home beauty and grooming routines, the AEDIT team has an array of aesthetic plans for the new year and beyond.

Keep scrolling to see the skincare steps #TeamAEDIT is planning to add and the cosmetic treatments we’d like to try in 2022. And, in case you need more inspiration, check out the healthy habits top dermatologists and plastic surgeons in the AEDIT Provider Network want you adopt in the coming months.

Pia, HR Generalist

I already have a decent (but simple) skincare routine that includes retinol, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, clay masks, and at-home dermaplaning. My goal is to be more consistent with the masks and dermaplaning — set a schedule rather than doing it only when my skin really needs it. I also have an appointment booked for Botox® and under-eye filler this year and will be booking a consultation for rhinoplasty!

Vivien, Senior Editor

Turning 30 this past year has made me reevaluate my approach to at-home and in-office skincare. I tried a lot (QWO™, Botox®, and a chemical peel), and I’ve realized that my approach to my skin has become more routine than a part of my life that I enjoy. It’s become about going through the motions and not something I take pride in as much as I used to.

My goal is to be more mindful when I apply my products and to listen to what my skin needs that day versus just slathering on products and going. From my at-home devices (hi, NuFace) to getting in-office treatments, I want to remember that this is the time of the day I get to dedicate to myself. It will help make it less of a chore. The days are already stressful as it is, we deserve to be a little more gentle with ourselves.

Matt, CTO

To combat redness I am now doing a pulsed dye laser every six months and using topical metronidazole in the morning and ivermectin in the evening. I am also continuing to apply SPF and baby lotion every day.

Katie, Business Operations Manager

I am very diligent with my skincare regimen at home, but, outside of routine Botox®, I've never really expanded into other in-office medical facial treatments. I'm approaching 32 in the new year and have started to have some concerns with the skin texture and elasticity on my face. With that in mind — and given the fact that I am always working on AEDIT content and seeing so many really fascinating procedures — I've started to consider an energy-based treatment! I'm not entirely certain which one yet, but the one that is really standing out right now is FaceTite™! I've noticed such a difference in skin texture in the before and after images. There's this really fresh looking glow and a definition on the patient images I've seen, and that's definitely the result I'm seeking!

Allison, Senior Product Manager

I'm interested in trying a serum that targets hyperpigmentation for the area of my face that experiences acne and, ultimately, some light scarring. I have fair skin, and these products are usually targeted towards deeper complexions, so I've always opted to focus on other concerns. We’ll see what some vitamin C can do for me!

In 2022, I will have my thirtieth birthday, so what better way to celebrate than getting some preventative Botox®! I'd like to focus on the area around my eyes to prevent my creases from developing any further — a byproduct of way too much laughter.

Jacqueline, Social Media Coordinator

For 2022, I am most excited about seeing an aesthetician on a regular basis. Whenever I receive a facial, I always tell myself, ‘I should really do this more often.’ This year, I am! Hoping 2022 brings a brighter, healthier, and clearer complexion (pretty please!).

Derek, Business Intelligence Analyst

Currently, my morning routine involves only two facial applicators: a moisturizer and sunblock. However, researching a bit more on skincare, I realized that there are many more supplements that can be applied to ensure healthy skin. Therefore, I want to involve products like toner, serum, and eye cream because they help combat a lot of the natural aging that occurs to the skin such as discoloration, wrinkles, and so on.

And, although I am not sure I have hyperhidrosis, I have always wanted to do something about how easy it is for me to sweat. Living in Manhattan and having to take the subway everywhere I go, the summer can be brutal. If I could sweat a bit less, that would be a great confidence booster and alleviate me from stemming annoyances.

Témi, Editor

I would love to try dermaplaning this year to combat my vellus hairs and uneven skin texture! It’ll also help my makeup sit on my face better.

Sarah, Brand Marketing Manager

In 2022, I plan on incorporating gua sha to my routine. I recently had a facial that included gua sha, and I loved the results of the lymphatic drainage it provided. I am also considering Clear + Brilliant® to help combat early signs of aging, as well as target sun spots and acne scars.

Nikan, Lead Computer Vision Engineer

I'm planning to wear sunscreen after applying vitamin C serum to my face because skin needs protection even if you are working from home — especially from the waves radiating from smart devices, TV, or computers. Also, my skin gets dry quickly in winter, so I'm going to add moisturizer to my skincare routine.

Meg, Editorial Director

After trying hyaluronic acid-based filler for the first time in 2021 (I got a little injected into my nasolabial folds) and loving the rejuvenating result, I am considering revisiting a resolution I had for 2020 but never followed through on (because, COVID) — tear trough filler. I have chronic dark circles and crepey skin under my eyes that I know would be brightened and smoothed with filler.

Shuhui, Computer Vision Engineer

I plan to add the hand mask and foot mask in my routine in 2022. I fell in love with housekeeping recently and do not protect the skin on my hands well from washing clothing and wiping the table. I already bought the masks but just haven’t started to use them yet.

Laura, Growth Marketing Manager

I want to start my skincare journey! My current ‘routine’ is just washing my face with hand soap and slathering body lotion on it. A disaster, I know. After watching my teammates' skincare tutorials, I am motivated to try them myself. It's all about amplifying one's beauty with efficacious ingredients, proven routines, and admiring one's image in the mirror.

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