A Self-Care Gift Guide To Ensure A Satisfying Valentine’s Day

Explore a curated list of the AEDIT team's favorite beauty, wellness, treat, and self-care selections. Perfect for embracing a day of indulgence or initiating a new wellness routine, choosing from our love day guide is a guaranteed way to enjoy yourself.
Written by Katie Thayer
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A Self-Care Gift Guide To Ensure A Satisfying Valentine’s Day

Whether you're spending Valentine's Day with your significant other, embracing Galentine's Day with your closest friends, or simply seeking a reason to pamper yourself, now is the perfect time to prioritize self-care so you can show up as your best self in any scenario. While there's certainly charm in the classic box of chocolates or glass of full-bodied red wine, we've curated a collection of wellness-inspired luxuries that are sure to enhance your overall wellbeing.

A guide to your perfect Valentine's Day starts here:

The Love Set by Surya

Love Body Set Bath Soak & Body Oil from Ayurvedic brand Surya

Experience the Love Body Set, a curated collection of Surya's “heart-opening” bath products, crafted to bring the essence of Surya to your home. Enjoy these products solo or share the love with your partner. The set includes the Love Bath Heart Opening Soak, meticulously designed to harmonize Vata, Pitta, and Kapha energies for a truly balanced experience, and the Rose Petal Abhyanga Massage & Body Oil.

$119 - Surya Love Body Set


L'Appartement 4F x Blxxm Valentine's Day Flowers

This one is more in line with the traditional Valentine’s Day treat but we think this Brooklyn bakery (with a well-deserved following) is worthy of a mention! Stop to smell the flowers and satisfy your sweet tooth with the flower & pastry bundle from L'Appartement 4F. Reserve your bouquet and pastry bundle for pick up at the bakery on Valentine's Day. (This one is for our New York locals, but if you’re traveling to the city anytime soon put this spot on your list.)

$117.25 - Bouquet and Pastry Bundle

Ora Ceremonial Cacao

The Lover Set from Ora Ceremonial Cacao

Rethink your hot beverage routine and unlock the transformative power of cacao with “The Lover” set from Ora Ceremonial Cacao. Enjoy a guilt-free drink with rich, decadent flavors and silky-smooth textures sourced from the highest quality cacao. Not just a treat for your taste buds, cacao is a benefit for your health, supporting mood, energy levels, and heart and brain functioning — all without added sugar and less caffeine than coffee. The set includes the Connected Colombia, Glowing Guatemala, and Tantric Rose Blossom cacaos, all intended to help you access your gratitude and emotions.

$80 - The Lover Cacao Set

Inoki Bathhouse

Mountain Fog Kit - Deep Sleep & Muscle Relief from Inoki Bathhouse

Bring the all-encompassing serenity of your favorite bathhouse home with you with a Mountain Fog kit from Inoki Bathhouse. Founded by Helen Yin in 2020, Inoki Bathhouse resulted from Yin's personal experience with feeling overwhelmed by work and battling depression. She came across an article on the healing powers of herbal bathhouses and was inspired to create this same sanctuary for herself. After the healing she was afforded with these fragrant bath soaks, she wanted to bring this gift to others.

Drawing inspiration from Taiwanese bathhouses, the Mountain Fog Kit employs the soothing essence of mugwort to ease your muscles, while the aroma of oolong milk tea releases your mind from its constraints.

$70 - Mountain Fog Kit

sundays Manicure Set

Mk.01 - Non-Toxic Manicure Kit from sundays Nail Studio

Give yourself the perfect manicure with the Mk.01 - sundays Manicure Kit from sundays nail studio and finally achieve salon-quality, non-toxic nails at-home. With sundays meticulously formulated 10-free polish (“10-free" meaning formulated without ten potentially health-harming chemicals commonly found in regular nail polish: dibutyl phthalate, TPHP, toluene, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, parabens, and tert-butyl hydroperoxide), their products are guaranteed to deliver high-shine and brilliant color without compromise.

$78 - Mk.01 - sundays Manicure Kit

KOSHA Facial Kinesiology Tape

Kosha Facial Kinesiology Tape

Looking for a natural alternative to Botox? Or trying to cut back on your beauty treatment spending? Designed to target and alleviate facial tension beneath the skin, Kosha Facial Kinesiology Tape offers a safe and effective alternative to neuromodulators. If you're considering facial taping but prioritize safety and quality, look no further. Give yourself an affordable anti-aging solution that's available anytime you need it.

$25 - Kosha Facial Kinesiology Tape

Nutrafol Women Hair Growth Nutraceutical

Womens Hair Growth Nutraceutical by Nutrafol

Reclaim your luxurious locks or achieve the hair you’ve always dreamed of by starting a Nutrafol supplement regimen. With clinically effective and natural ingredients, Nutrafol products promote whole-body health, leading to visibly thicker, stronger hair growth and reduced shedding. Backed by research and proven results, the Nutraceutical supplement offers a comprehensive approach to restoring hair vitality and confidence. There’s no denying that a good hair day can influence overall mood and confidence, so why not take the next step toward optimal hair health?

$88 - Womens Hair Growth Nutraceutical

Flamingo Estate Garden Tour Set

The Garden Tour Kit from Flamingo Estate

Escape to the famous California property via your senses with Flamingo Estate's Garden Tour kit. A thoughtfully assembled collection inspired by the property itself consisting of Mediterranean Rosemary & Clary Sage Body Wash, Mediterranean Rosemary & Clary Sage Hand Soap, a Climbing Tuscan Rosemary Candle, Mini Biointensive Wildflower Honey, and Heritage Extra Virgin Olive Oil. If you haven’t experienced this inspiring brand yet, be sure to check out their story.

$229 - The Garden Tour Kit

The LYMA Laser

The LYMA Laser

Take your at-home skincare routine to the next level with The LYMA Laser. The brand touts itself as the world's most powerful at-home beauty device and we’re excited about it. Transform your skin by reducing redness, pigmentation, and wrinkle depth, achieving “transformational” results in weeks. According to the company, there is zero damage, no downtime, and painless treatment while targeting all signs of aging, scars, and blemishes. Give yourself the gift of more radiant skin with the LYMA Laser.

$2,695 - The LYMA Laser

Epicutis Luxury Set

Luxury Skincare Set by EPICUTIS Skincare

Elevate your routine with the “Luxury Skincare Set” from Epicutis. Developed by Dr. Jeffry Stock, a biophysicist and tenured Professor at Princeton University, this pioneering brand harnesses the most innovative research technologies to merge science and luxury for unparalleled results. The set includes:

  • The “Lipid Serum” contains eight essential ingredients and provides relief for dry, stressed, sensitive, or post-procedure skin while delivering proven long-term benefits for healthy, radiant skin.

  • The Hyvia Crème features three proprietary powerhouses and responsibly sourced botanicals. This crème deeply hydrates while blocking blue light damage. Additionally, DSD shields the skin from harmful aggressors like UV rays, ensuring your skin remains youthful and radiant.

$395 - Epicutis Luxury Skincare Set

Hotel Collection Diffuser

Studio Wireless Pro Scent Diffuser from Hotel Collection

Nothing compares to a room perfectly infused with a satisfying scent. This brand allows you to bring home the fragrances of your favorite luxury hotels with the Hotel Collection Diffuser. The Hotel Collection is currently offering a Valentines Day discount of 30%-50%.

$188.97 - Studio Wireless Pro Scent Diffuser

Soul Cards Meditation Journal

Meditation Journal from Soul Cards

Slow your mind, organize your thoughts and embrace one of the best forms of release with the “Meditation Journal” by Soul Cards.

$35 - Meditation Journal

Animalique by Byredo

Animalique Eau de Parfum from Byredo

Indulge yourself in the unique complexity of Byredo's designer perfume collection, crafted for both women and men. Each bottle offers a scent journey, evolving and revealing new notes as it lingers on the skin, creating an experience that lasts all day. Our current favorite is “Animalique” which is described as “fresh top notes of lemon and bergamot that unfold into floral heart of mimosa and violet and in its final stage presents suede, amber and tobacco leaf."

$205 - Animalique Eau de Parfum

Clementine Sleepwear Silk Pillowcase

Organic Silk Pillowcase from Clementine Sleepwear

Optimize your sleep with the addition of a Clementine Sleepwear silk pillowcase to your bed. Made from 100% organic mulberry silk, the pillowcase helps maintain skin hydration and smoothness by minimizing moisture loss during sleep, thanks to its less porous nature. Hypoallergenic and free from additives, the Clementine pillowcases create a tranquil haven for your skin and hair.

$95 - Clementine Sleepwear Silk Pillowcase

Prima Pave NA Wine

Prima Pavé Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine 3 Bottle Variety Bundle

Dive into a bottle of v-day bubbly but skip the hangover with Prima Pavé, an award-winning line of alcohol-free sparkling wines handcrafted in Italy. Made without added sugar or chemicals, Prima Pavé allows the true essence of hand-selected Italian grapes to shine through, showcasing the unique terroir, character, and depth of flavor in every sip.

$90 - Prima Pavé 3 Bottle Variety Bundle

PDPaola Memora Bracelet

Personalized Memora 18k Gold Plated Bracelet from PDPaola

Gift yourself a new everyday jewelry staple from PDPaola with the added sentiment of personalization. With space for up to 10 characters and multiple font options, you can add your initials, write something inspirational, or commemorate a special someone in your life. Crafted in your choice of 18K gold-plated silver or brass and embellished with cubic zirconia, each bracelet is thoughtfully designed, adding an extra touch of sophistication to your look.

$120 - Personalized Memora Bracelet

Foria Intimacy Oil

Intimacy Oil with CBD by Foria

We couldn’t curate a Valentines list without including a hint of intimacy enhancement. Crafted with just two clean ingredients - 400mg of broad-spectrum CBD and organic coconut oil - Foria’s Intimacy Oil offers all-natural lubrication without any added chemicals and is a versatile bedroom essential for both men and women. Whether you're taking yourself on a personal pleasure journey or enjoying intimate moments with a lover, this oil is a must-have for enhancing sensuality and comfort.

$44 - Intimacy Oil with CBD

Whichever way you choose to celebrate, we hope this list adds a little something extra to your February 14 festivities.

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