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Sclerotherapy is a plastic surgery to reduce the appearance of spider veins through a minimally invasive outpatient procedure.

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The Skinny

Average Recovery

5 days








$100 - $400

The Specifics

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is an in office cosmetic procedure to quickly reduce the appearance of spider veins. Spider veins, or telangiectasias, are clusters of red or blue blood vessels most often on the legs and face. There is no known cause of spider veins, however, pregnancy, aging, sun damage, hormones, and trauma may contribute to their formation.

A sclerotherapy treatment injects a dissolving agent like hypertonic saline, sodium tetradecyl sulfate, polidocanol, and chromated glycerin to cause the body to reabsorb the undesirable veins. Multiple treatments may be necessary.

What cosmetic concerns does sclerotherapy procedure treat?

  1. Veins: A sclerotherapy treatment causes blood vessels to become irritated and reabsorbed by the body to reduce or eliminate the appearance of spider veins (telangiectasias).

Who is the ideal candidate for a sclerotherapy procedure?

The ideal candidate for a sclerotherapy procedure is between 30 and 60 years old, has not had a history of blood clots, and has not been pregnant or given birth in the past three months. Sclerotherapy is not recommended for those who are pregnant, have a history of blood clots, or certain other chronic medical conditions.

What is the average recovery associated with a sclerotherapy procedure?

Most candidates experience little to no downtime following a sclerotherapy procedure. Normal activities can be resumed immediately, however, strenuous activity should be limited for one to two days. Bruising and swelling will resolve within one week. Limiting sun exposure is advised to prevent abnormal skin pigmentation.

What are the potential side effects of a sclerotherapy procedure?

Possible side effects of sclerotherapy include stinging, swelling, bruising, redness at the injection site, skin discoloration, brown lines or spots, and allergic reaction.

What can someone expect from the results of a sclerotherapy procedure?

The results of a sclerotherapy procedure will be visible immediately after the treatment, although multiple treatments may be necessary, and final results are not seen for three to six weeks. New veins may form in the treated area following the procedure.

What is the average cost of a sclerotherapy procedure?

Sclerotherapy can cost anywhere from $100 to $400. The actual cost of sclerotherapy is dependent upon location, board certified plastic surgeon, and length and involvement of the plastic surgery.


  • Little To No Recovery
  • Quick Procedure
  • Immediate Results


  • Multiple Treatments
  • Does Not Treat Varicose Veins

Invasiveness Score


Invasiveness is graded based on factors such as anesthesia practices, incisions, and recovery notes common to this procedure.

What to Expect

Sclerotherapy is widely recognized as the standard treatment of spider veins. The process injects a sclerosing agent into surface vein clusters causing the veins to die and eventually disappear permanently. Here is a quick guide for what to expect before, during, and after sclerotherapy treatment.

The Takeaway

Sclerotherapy is a quick, minimally invasive office procedure to reduce the appearance of spider veins with minimal side effects or recovery time. Treated veins will be eliminated almost immediately.

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‘Try on’ aesthetic procedures and instantly visualize possible results with AEDIT and our patented 3D aesthetic simulator.

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