A perineoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure to correct the perineum — the area between the vaginal opening and the anus.

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The Skinny

Average Recovery

3 weeks




Surgical Procedure




$500 - $7100


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The Specifics

What is a perineoplasty?

A perineoplasty (a.k.a. perineorrhaphy) is a cosmetic surgery to repair the area between the vaginal opening and anus known as the perineum. Women who have delivered children vaginally may have experienced a deliberate (episiotomy) or accidental damage to the perineum which has created scar tissue and an undesirable appearance or function of the perineal area.

Women who are overweight may also experience perineum issues. Perineum damage can cause poor aesthetic, difficult subsequent deliveries, and uncomfortable vaginal sex (dyspareunia). A perineoplasty can be combined with other vaginal rejuvenation surgical procedures such as a vaginoplasty or labiaplasty.

What cosmetic concerns does a perineoplasty procedure treat?

  1. Female Sexual Wellness: In a perineoplasty, skin and tissue is repaired to tighten, tone, and aesthetically refine the perineum for improved function and appearance.
  2. Mommy Makeover: A perineoplasty can restore the appearance of the perineum if there is tearing during a vaginal delivery.

Who is the ideal candidate for a perineoplasty procedure?

The ideal candidate for a perineoplasty has given birth vaginally or is overweight and is experiencing vaginal looseness, changes in bowels, or decreased sexual sensation. A perineoplasty is not recommended for those seeking treatment for anorgasmia or low libido.

What is the average recovery associated with a perineoplasty procedure?

Most patients resume work and light activity within one week of undergoing a perineoplasty procedure. Spotting and discharge is common for a few days. Exercise can be resumed after four weeks, and sexual intercourse after six weeks.

What are the potential side effects of a perineoplasty procedure?

Possible side effects following a perineoplasty include excessive tightening of the vaginal opening, fistula or abscess formation, infection, bleeding, swelling, and scarring or further perineal damage.

What can someone expect from the results of a perineoplasty procedure?

The results of a Perineoplasty are immediately visible and permanent following the cosmetic procedure. They will be affected by significant weight gain, pregnancy, and childbirth.

What is the average cost of a perineoplasty procedure?

A perineoplasty procedure can cost anywhere from $500 to $7,100. The actual cost of a perineoplasty is dependent upon location, board certified plastic surgeon, and length and involvement of the plastic surgery.


  • Tightened Skin
  • Tightened Muscle
  • Remove Scar Tissue
  • Improved Look


  • Potential Unsatisfactory Results
  • Results Affected By Future Pregnancies

Invasiveness Score


Invasiveness is graded based on factors such as anesthesia practices, incisions, and recovery notes common to this procedure.

What to Expect

A perineoplasty is a surgical procedure that reshapes and tightens the area between the vaginal opening and the anus. Here is a quick guide for what to expect before, during, and after a perineoplasty procedure.

The Takeaway

A perineoplasty is a surgical procedure to alter the perineal area and perineal muscles for vaginal tightening, improved sexual function, and enhanced aesthetic.

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