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For a subtler lip, numerous procedures exist to perfect size and, if needed, amend previous cosmetic implants and fillers.

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The Skinny

Although lip augmentation procedures are more common, lip reduction procedures are regularly performed by plastic surgeons to reduce overly large lips or correct previous lip enhancement procedures to the upper lip or lower lip. These procedures can be surgical lip lifts or minimally invasive injections of filler-dissolving agents. Concerns over genetically large lips or a desire to alter a previous cosmetic surgery can be effectively addressed with a lip reduction procedure (check out our full guide to lip size).


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The Specifics

Who needs lip reduction?

Lip reducing plastic surgery procedures with a board certified plastic surgeon can be considered for both medical and cosmetic reasons. While lip abnormalities affecting daily function (like large lips or severe lip deformity) may require more extensive intervention, many lip reduction techniques for appearance or to correct previous procedures can be performed simply and effectively oftentimes as outpatient procedures.

The Anatomy of the Lip lip-anatomy-close-up-photo-of-female

What can you expect from lip reduction procedures?

Most procedures to reduce lip size are surgical with long lasting results. As with any operation, one can expect a few weeks of recovery time, limitations on activity, and possible temporary modifications to their diet.

When should you consider a lip reduction procedure?

Cosmetic lip reductions can be performed electively at any time assuming a candidate is in otherwise good health, can refrain from smoking around the time of the procedure, and is prepared for the accompanying recovery.

Why should you consider lip reduction?

A reduction procedure can be used to enhance natural appearance by removing excess tissue, amend previous augmentations, and, in rare cases, correct medical pathologies. Anyone looking to improve their existing features and facial symmetry can consider a lip reduction procedure.

Lip Reduction Procedures

Depending on the concern, there are surgical lip reduction procedures that alter lip tissue and structure or minimally invasive filler-reversal agents to correct a previous cosmetic procedure. These procedures are outlined below.

The Takeaway

While not as common as lip augmentation procedures, cosmetic plastic surgery methods exist to reduce the size of overly large lips and create an ideal appearance. Reductions can also be utilized to correct previous cosmetic procedures. Regardless of patient concern, the perfect lip is always within reach with the help of a board certified plastic surgeon.

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