Latisse, also known as bimatoprost, is a topical ointment that is FDA-approved for the enhancement of eyelashes. Its use results in darkening, increased eyelash length, and thickening. Latisse is also used on the eyebrows to achieve similar results although this is considered an off-label use and not FDA approved.

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The Specifics

What is Latisse®?

Latisse® by Allergan is a prescription serum applied nightly to the eyelashes or eyebrows. Latisse improves eyebrow/eyelash growth and volume, length, and darkness of the lashes and brows. Latisse® is Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved for eyelash growth, but is considered an off label use for eyebrow growth. The active ingredient in Latisse works by extending the growth phase of the hair follicle.

What cosmetic concerns does Latisse® treat?

  1. Eyebrow & Eyelash Hair: Consistent Latisse® use will increase eyelash and eyebrow density, distribution, and volume.

Who is the ideal candidate for a Latisse®?

The ideal candidate for Latisse has thin, short lashes, or sparse eyebrows, and is seeking increased density and volume. Latisse® is not recommended for those with light eye color, certain medical conditions like ocular surface disease, or anyone considering eye surgery such as cataract or LASIK surgery.

What is the average recovery associated with Latisse®?

There is no associated recovery with Latisse® use. Patients should keep in mind there may be some mild eye irritation following the application, which will resolve quickly.

What are the potential side effects of Latisse®?

The most common side effects of Latisse® include itchiness and red eyes, and sometimes irritation around the area of application on the upper eyelid. In some individuals, possible side effects of Latisse may cause eyelid skin darkening, dry eye, and persistent red eyes. Rarely, allergic reactions can occur.

What can someone expect from the results of Latisse®?

The results of consistent nightly Latisse® use will become noticeable usually after four months. For as long as treatment is continued, patients can expect consistent eyelash and eyebrow growth.

What is the average cost of Latisse®?

The average cost of Latisse® is $120 to $445. The actual cost of Latisse will vary by location, provider, and insurance. Learn more in our complete guide to Latisse® cost.


  • Enhanced Eyelashes
  • Long Eyelashes
  • Thick Eyelashes
  • Eyelash Growth
  • Eyebrow Growth
  • Eyebrow Thickness


  • Temporary
  • Redness
  • Itching

Invasiveness Score


Invasiveness is graded based on factors such as anesthesia practices, incisions, and recovery notes common to this procedure.

What to Expect

Latisse, also known as bimatoprost, is a topical ointment that is FDA-approved for the enhancement of eyelashes. Here is a quick guide for what to expect before, during, and after Latisse.

The Takeaway

Latisse® by Allergan is a bimatoprost ophthalmic solution applied to the upper lash line or eyebrows to encourage hair growth for improved darkness, length, and volume.

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