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The direct brow lift is a type of forehead rejuvenation surgery that is most commonly used for candidates requiring deeper, functional corrections. A direct brow lift creates incisions directly above the eyebrows for precise lifting, improving the appearance of a heavy brow that weighs down the eyelids.

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The Skinny

Average Recovery

10 days




Surgical Procedure




$3700 - $4000

The Specifics

What is a direct brow lift?

A direct brow lift is a forehead lift surgery to create a permanent enhancement to the brow and, indirectly, the eyes. In this brow lift technique, incisions are made directly on the forehead to allow the plastic surgeon to precisely alter underlying muscle and remove excess skin. This procedure can eliminate deep brow furrows, smooth brow fine lines and wrinkles, and correct brow ptosis. While the results are permanent, they will be subject to the effects of natural aging as time goes on.

What cosmetic concerns does a direct brow lift procedure treat?

  1. Aging & Tired Eyes: A direct brow lift can elevate a sagging or drooping brow to expose the eye area for a youthful and refreshed appearance.
  2. Forehead Shape & Size: A direct brow lift is especially helpful for candidates looking to smooth deep brow furrows or creases, as the incision directly within the forehead allows maximal access to underlying muscle and excess skin.

Who is the ideal candidate for a direct brow lift procedure?

The ideal candidate for a direct brow lift is an older individual with deep furrows over the brow, those who require functional elevation of the brow, or those with unilateral (one sided) brow ptosis. A direct brow lift is not recommended for candidates who also wish to address concerns with the forehead, glabella, or temples.

What is the average recovery associated with a Direct Brow Lift procedure?

Wound healing following a direct brow lift usually takes about two weeks. Bruising, swelling, and pain typically progressively improve over the seven to 14 days. Cold compresses and head elevation can assist in reducing swelling. Sutures or staples will be removed after seven days. Recovery time varies among candidates, but most patients are comfortable in public after two weeks and makeup can be worn after one week.

To better understand the healing and downtime associated with the procedure, check out our complete guide to brow lift recovery.

What are the potential side effects of a direct brow lift procedure?

Possible side effects from a direct brow lift include visible scars, excessive swelling, changes in sensation to the forehead, and infection of incision sites.

What can someone expect from the results of a direct brow lift procedure?

A direct brow lift creates immediately noticeable, permanent enhancements to the brow. A direct brow lift rejuvenates the eye and brow by toning, tightening, and smoothing brow skin. Repositioning a heavy or sagging brow exposes the eyes, refreshes the expression, and creates a more youthful appearance.

What is the average cost of a direct brow lift procedure?

A direct brow lift procedure can cost anywhere from $3,700 to $4,000. The actual cost of a direct brow lift is dependent upon location, board certified plastic surgeon, and length and involvement of the plastic surgery. Learn more in our [complete guide to brow lift cost](


  • Precise Brow Elevation
  • Lower Risk Of Side Effects


  • Scarring
  • Brow May Descend With Time
  • Can Distort Existing Forehead Furrows

Invasiveness Score


Invasiveness is graded based on factors such as anesthesia practices, incisions, and recovery notes common to this procedure.

What to Expect

A direct brow lift is recommended for patients who require a precise, functional correction of the brow, usually to improve eyesight. Here is a quick guide for what to expect before, during, and after a direct brow lift.

The Takeaway

A direct brow lift is a forehead lift surgery utilizing incisions directly within the forehead to immediately and permanently enhance the brow appearance and position. Given the incision is directly into the forehead, the plastic surgeon has maximum access, however, there is also greater risk of distorting existing creases and furrows.

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