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The Skinny

High intensity interval training complete with lunges, donkey kicks, and squats may help you have the gluteal muscles of a CrossFit champion, but stubborn fat layers can keep those hard earned muscles hidden. Butt reduction procedures utilizing liposuction techniques can safely and effectively remove excess fat tissue to refine, define, and contour your buttocks (check out our full guide to Buttocks Shape & Size Concerns).

The Specifics

Who may consider a butt reduction procedure?

Let’s have a quick anatomy recap. The buttocks (glutes) are primarily composed of muscle and soft tissue. The glutes contain some large powerful muscles that drive a lot of our lower body movement. The gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus are the major buttock muscles. Overlying these muscles is a layer of subcutaneous (fat) tissue.

The volume and distribution of fat tissue is a major contributor to butt shape and size. Excess fat tissue can be caused by high body weight, high body fat, and genetics. The gluteal muscles also significantly influence gluteal shape, especially at lower levels of body fat where muscle definition can be seen.

What can you expect from a butt reduction procedure?

A buttock reduction procedure can assist you in creating your ideal derrière when you need a little extra help. These procedures utilize liposuction to remove excess soft tissue to shape and define the gluteal area.

When should you consider a butt reduction procedure?

When it comes to buttock reduction procedures, keep in mind that liposuction is subject to aging and weight changes. An ideal time to pursue a treatment is when you are in good health, at a stable weight, have reasonable expectations of the procedure, and can commit to the needed recovery time.

Why should you consider a butt reduction procedure?

Buttock reduction procedures are ideal for individuals who have already established a healthy diet and lifestyle, and are struggling to address a remaining area of stubborn fat. Procedures will be most successful when combined with good self care practices.

Professional Buttocks Reduction Procedures

These procedures are targeted to reduce soft tissue in the buttocks decreasing size, and altering shape and contour.

The Takeaway

A butt reduction surgery can provide the last step to having your ideal body contour. Liposuction procedures are well practiced, safe, and effective. Isn’t time to say goodbye to those last few stubborn fat cells and have your ideal derrièr?

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