Buttocks Enhancement Solutions

Whether you have finally reached your ideal weight or are just looking to enhance what you were born with, buttock augmentation procedures can refine butt size and shape.

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The Skinny

Healthcare providers certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons performed over 30,000 butt augmentation procedures in 2018. Butt implants, gluteal injections, and buttock lifts allow candidates to achieve the buttock shape and size they desire through well practiced and effective procedures (check our complete guide to Buttocks Shape & Size Concerns).


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The Specifics

Who may consider a butt enhancement procedure?

Any individual who is dissatisfied with the shape and size of their buttocks may benefit from butt implants or a butt lift. Depending on body type, different procedures may be more efficacious. A muscular, lean candidate would be better served by synthetic implants whereas a heavier individual may benefit from fat harvesting to address multiple problem areas. Additionally, anyone who has recently experienced significant weight loss or weight gain may benefit from a procedure to restore tone and volume.

What can you expect from a butt enhancement procedure?

As with any surgical procedure, patients can expect significant recovery time ranging from weeks to months. Initial swelling, bruising, and pain will resolve within a few days to weeks. Precautions with activity, avoidance of prolonged sitting, and the need for supportive garments is generally needed for a few months. Permanent results will be seen within one year with most procedures.

When should you consider a butt enhancement procedure?

Given the level of invasiveness and necessary recovery, candidates should consider a procedure when they are able to dedicate appropriate time to the healing process and recovery period. Most procedures also require the use of a compression garment for a period of time post surgery. Candidates should of course be in general good health. Additionally, significant fluctuations in weight (especially weight loss) naturally impacts buttock size and shape, and so candidates should be at or near a desired, healthy weight around the time of the procedure.

Why should you consider a butt enhancement procedure?

A butt enhancement procedure can not only enhance the size, shape, volume, and tone of the buttocks, it can also improve confidence and help to restore previous appearance following weight changes.

Professional Buttocks Enhancement Procedures

Professional procedures can provide full, permanent, and lasting results. Both synthetic and natural implants can be used as can surgical excisional procedures to alter buttock shape through tissue removal.

At-Home Buttocks Enhancement

The buttocks are composed of large, powerful muscles so dedicated exercise programs will create natural contouring and shape. Exercises targeting the gluteal muscles, hamstrings, hip adductors and abductors, and lower back muscles can serve to tone, tighten, and enlarge the buttocks. Walking uphill, taking the stairs, and cycling are excellent forms of cardio that will target these areas. It is, of course, important to consider a full body exercise program to maintain symmetry and prevent muscular imbalances.

The Takeaway

Buttock augmentation procedures performed by a board certified plastic surgeon can allow individuals to achieve the butt size and shape they desire. Fat injections, buttock implants (like water based or silicone implants), and butt lift procedures can allow for highly specialized body contouring and create final results that not only enhance the appearance of the patient’s body, but also boost confidence.

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