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Whether you're just starting to research neuromodulators or a seasoned injectables lover, chances are you'll have questions about the new kid on the block: DAXXIFY®.
Written by India Bottomley
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Whether you're just starting to research neuromodulators or a seasoned injectables lover, chances are you'll have questions about the new kid on the block: DAXXIFY®. The FDA has recently approved the injectable to address common signs of aging, but how does it compare to the classics like Botox®, Dysport®, or Xeomin®? What would make your injector prefer this new option over its tried-and-tested counterparts? And just how safe is it? Let’s unpack everything you need to know.


The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery defines DAXXIFY® as "an injectable neurotoxin that is FDA-approved to treat glabellar lines (frown lines between the eyebrows—commonly referred to as the "11s")." While the active ingredient used in the injectable is the same as many of its predecessors, the main difference with DAXXIFY® is longer-lasting results. Depending on several lifestyle factors and your metabolism, DAXXIFY® can produce results that last six-to-nine months, compared to two-to-three months for other products. The injectable also uses a novel peptide stabilizer, making it suitable for vegans.


Qualified injectors can use the product on the upper area of the face to treat concerns such as horizontal frown lines, crow's feet, and of course, those pesky 11s between your brows. It works similarly to Botox® by delivering a botulinum toxin to the injection site. Over a short period, the toxin blocks specific nerve signals to prevent muscles from moving, leaving the area looking smoother.


The neuromodulator in DAXXIFY® is the same as the one used in Botox, but the real difference comes into play with the stabilizer we mentioned above. Firstly, DAXXIFY®'s stabilizer makes it the first vegan neuromodulator on the market, a massive advantage for those who may have been putting off getting injectables for ethical reasons. Secondly, this new and improved stabilizer appears to help prolong results by several months for some people. The main downside to DAXXIFY® compared to Botox is that, in rare cases, some people have reported it takes longer for side effects to pass. This may be due to the stabilizer being longer lasting, but there isn't sufficient evidence to confirm why this might happen yet.


If you're used to getting injectables for signs of aging, you'll probably have regular appointments at your medspa every two or three months. But if you decide to switch to DAXXIFY®, you could be seeing a lot less of your favorite injector. Results from the new injectable can last up to six or even nine months. The length of time your results last will vary depending on your lifestyle (for example whether or not you smoke or drink alcohol), how quickly your body processes the product, and other factors, including your age, the location of the injections, and the injection technique used. Your injector will be able to discuss how long they expect results to last for your specific case.


As with most procedures, fees vary depending on your provider's location and experience. The average cost per unit currently sits at $17 across all states. To give you an indication of how many units you will need, the standard measure is 20 units to treat the forehead and 40 units each for 11s and crow's feet. To get an accurate quote for your circumstances, it's always best to schedule a consultation with your injector to establish how many units they expect you will need. They will be able to discuss how long it may take to see results and whether you will need multiple treatments to achieve your desired outcome.


DAXXIFY® is generally considered safe for healthy adults. It is not suitable for children or if you are pregnant. When you have a consultation, your practitioner will look at your medical history and ask about any allergies to ensure you're a good candidate for the procedure. As with any procedure, there are some potential risks and complications, including muscle weakness, blurred vision, and drooping eyelids. Allergic reactions are rare but possible, and your practitioner will be trained to respond to these if they were to occur.


We spoke to two patients who have opted to include DAXXIFY® as part of their rejuvenation treatments. These patients' names and locations have been modified to protect their privacy.

Anna, 37, Los Angeles

AEDIT: How was your DAXXIFY® injection experience? Anna: I hadn't ever had any tweakments before going in for the treatment, so everything was new to me. I'd consulted a dermatologist my friends recommended, and initially didn't know which product I wanted – I didn't go in specifically looking for DAXXIFY®. My doctor discussed the pros and cons of different anti-aging injectables. Together, we decided that longer-lasting results would suit my lifestyle better because I travel a lot for work.

AEDIT: Are you happy with the results of the procedure? Anna: The injections achieved exactly what I had hoped they would, yes! My main concern was frown lines, and they have disappeared. So far, I'm four months post-injection, and I'm still as happy with the results.

Josie, 54, Dallas

AEDIT: How has DAXXIFY® compared to other injectables you’ve had in the past? Josie: I've been getting Botox for a good few years now and was happy with the results it offered. My injector spoke to me about the possibility of switching to DAXXIFY® because, in her experience, people were getting even smoother results, which was very tempting. We went ahead, and I have to say I think my forehead is smoother than it was with Botox, and the results are certainly lasting well.

AEDIT: Do you have any advice for people considering having the procedure? Josie: I found my experience after the injections slightly different compared to Botox, but it wasn't unpleasant. I would say the results took a little longer to take effect, and I was a little more tender for a couple of days following the injections – but that could have just been because I was hyperaware, knowing my injector had used a different product.

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