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Moniza Munawar, DDS

Cosmetic Dentistry


Oak Cliff Dental CenterDDS/DMD820 North Zang Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75208

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About Moniza Munawar, DDS

Dr. Munawar (popularly known as Dr. Moni) has been in the field of dentistry for 15+ years. She went to NYU college of dentistry. Dentistry is not only a career but a passion for Dr. Munawar. She loves how she helps people overcome their dental fears with compassion. She believes in keeping abreast of the latest dental techniques. Dr. Munawar believes in providing the highest quality dentistry to her patients. Besides being a dentist, she is a mother of two and lives in Allen, TX, with her husband and two kids. Dr. Munawar defines a charismatic experience in the field of dental treatment. She exudes an aura of confidence and dexterity which makes her patients feel relaxed and comfortable during treatment. Moreover, her goal is to maintain highest standards while delivering her services. For Dr. Munawar, dentistry is an artistic skill which she enjoys demonstrating in a professional way. Apart from expertise, dental treatment for her patients becomes a memorable experience due to the exceptional amenities provided in her work space. The office reception area is beautifully decorated with a welcoming ambience, where the patients are greeted and made comfortable upon arrival. They can feel at home and watch T.V or use i-pads which are provided to all the patients. The Dentistry is even providing a beverage station for the valued beverage station for the valued guests. The staff wishes to make sure that patients are treated like family. This does not imply that patients have a long waiting time to while. Dr. Munawar is very particular about minimizing patient wait time as she is fully aware how valuable time can be to her patients. The operatories in the dentistry have been freshly renovated with provision of new chairs, large sized LED Smart T.Vs, both in front as well as on the ceiling. Noise cancelling headphones are provided to the patients so that they can block out the disturbing sounds from the dentistry equipment. Pandora and Netflix is open to patients so that they may sit back, relax and enjoy their favorite TV shows or listen to their favorite radio channel. The dental equipment being used is state of the art. The best available low noise electric hand piece, low radiation digital X-Rays with intra oral cameras through which the patients can watch and get educated.

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9 years of experience


  • Graduate School: NYU College of Dentistry


  • English

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