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Benhur W. Kang, DDS

Cosmetic Dentistry


Oak Tree Dental P.L.L.C.DDS/DMD5120 Texas 78, Sachse, TX 75048

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About Benhur W. Kang, DDS

I was born in California and like the saying goes “I got here as fast as I could.” I feel such a deep connection to the Dallas Metroplex which my roots and my home. As a child, I watched my parents work very arduously and diligently to provide for their family as first generation Korean Americans. They hoped for a better future for their children and placed a high value on learning, blessing me and my siblings with the dedicated gift of a Catholic school education from kindergarten through University. I spent my Freshman year of college at Villanova University in Pennsylvania (Go Wildcats!) but the bitter winter cold proved too harsh for this sun loving Texan. I returned to earn a degree in Biochemistry, B.S. (1997) at the University of Dallas in Irving, TX. Subsequently, I received my Doctorate of Dental Surgery at Baylor College of Dentistry (now Texas A&M-College of Dentistry, Dallas) in 2001. I have had the honor of being an associate professor at the dental college, teaching first and third year dental students. I truly enjoyed encouraging them while developing a mentor-ship and watching their skills and confidence grow, like little caterpillars into glorious butterflies. During that time, I had the opportunity to teach my spouse (now, Dr. Trang Kang) while she was a dental student at Baylor. We were always under the pun of many jokes from fellow faculty members and her classmates, of course... Dentistry is a Kang family passion. We opened our practice in Sachse, Texas in 2004 and we have been blessed and truly honored to serve this amazing growing community. Being a dentist has been a lifelong aspiration and dream for me. My late cousin planted a seed during my teenage years by taking me under his wing, showing me the deep satisfaction in the service of his profession and igniting a passion for the art and science of this craft in me. I am very grateful and humbled to have been able to carry his legacy forward. As a practitioner, I am very passionate about fostering a partnership of trust with my patients to promote and ensure the well being of their dental health. I am an avid and forever learner, attending continuing education courses to keep me informed and open to the most cutting edge scientific knowledge, discoveries of dentistry. My interests have varied over the years and have included endurance sports such as full and ultra marathons as well as half Ironman triathlons. The training and events have taught me to be grateful for the miracle that a human body is and they have also allowed me to explore the limits of both my mind and physical abilities. Nowadays, I find myself taking pleasure in strength training at the gym (I enjoy being part of the community, running into my patients and chatting with them) and running and biking in my Sachse neighborhood. I also love to teach my son these sports, hoping to share the energy of freedom and aliveness these activities make me feel so that he may connect with it as well. On my softer side, I carefully tend to a beautiful flower garden for my spouse while our dear four legged sweetie, Josie, looks on. I can hear Josie softly woof to me, “Mom tells me how much she LOVES your flowers. She also tells me that you are the forever gardener of her heart and soul.

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  • Dental Bonding
  • Dental Bridges
  • Dental Crowns
  • Dental Implants
  • Dental Veneers
  • Teeth Whitening

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Years of Experience

20 years of experience


  • Undergraduate School: University of Dallas
  • Graduate School: Texas A&M College of Dentistry


  • English

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