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Hilger Face Center

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Minneapolis, MN

Our paramount goal is to create flattering enhancements for patients that work naturally and harmoniously with your existing facial “landscape”.

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With expanding knowledge and proliferation of new techniques based on medical advances, sub-specialization (a narrow focus within a specialty) has undeniably enhanced patients’ lives. This is particularly true in facial plastic surgery, where The Hilger Face Center focuses solely on the face and has been a leading clinic for over 30 years. In our practice, we are also focused on a partnership of care. Essential to this partnership is your comprehensive consultation, where we provide an in-depth evaluation of aesthetic and reconstructive concerns and “plain English” information.


Hilger Face Center

5050 France Avenue South


Minneapolis, MN 55410



‘Try on’ aesthetic procedures and instantly visualize possible results with AEDIT and our patented 3D aesthetic simulator.

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